New Year's public celebration is canceled in Indore

New Year's public celebration is canceled in Indore

 As it turns out, there would be no new year's celebration this year in light of the recent pandemic that the World has been facing since the start of 2020. With experts hinting at a possible spread of the latest variant of COVID-19, Indore's collector, Shri Manish Singh, has put a ban on any public event on New Year's Eve by Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, or Pubs.

It's difficult to follow or adhere to COVID guidelines with huge crowds and to ensure everyone is wearing masks and social distancing in such large gatherings will be tough, so this decision was made.

Speaking on the matter, the President of Indore Hotelier's Association, Sumit Suri said, "We will not organize any event on New Year’s Eve. All hotels and restaurants will serve food till midnight as permitted under Shops & Establishments Act."

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